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دينا حسن

دينا حسن

The supreme council of the universities, in its session under the presidency of prof.Dr. Khalid Abd EL-Gafer, the minister of higher education approves to establish the faculty of pharmacy in Benha University. Prof. Dr. Hussien Magraby, the university president has delivered an explanation, during his attendance of the supreme council of the universities, about the preparations of Benha University to host the faculty of pharmacy if established. The university president also stresses that everything is up and running according to the criteria of quality standards.

Benha University has achieved a new sport accomplishment and wins 12 different medals at the special needs contest in Alexandria. The ministry of youth organized this contest under this motto “the impediment is a blessing not an obstacle” in cooperation with the ministry of higher education. This contest ends its activities tomorrow at the youth city in Alexandria and there are 22 Egyptian universities that participate in this event. Prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby, the university president heaps praise on what has been accomplished by those of special needs in addition to congratulating them on their success

Prof.Dr. Muhammad Ghanem, the faculty's dean participates in the first workshop toward the international accreditation which was held by the 

Under the auspices of prof.Dr. Hussein Magraby, the acting university president, the students union of the faculty pay a visit to 57357 hospital as prof.Dr. Muhammad Ghanem, the faculty's dean accompanies them during the visit.

Prof.Dr. Muhammad Ghanem, the faculty's dean visits the center of cirrulum marketing in the faculty of veterinary medicine at Illinois University.

Prof.Dr. Muhammad Ghanem, the faculty's dean visits prof.Dr. Peter Constable, the dean of the faculty of veterinary medicine in Illinois 

The veterinary medicine syndicate honors the top scholars in the faculty of veterinary medicine. It honors prof.Dr. Abd EL-Fattah Monged, the professor in the faculty of veterinary medicine for winning the award of the individuals and organizations.

On Sunday, Fulbright commission has ended its activities regarding the program designed for higher education leaders in Hurgada. This event lasts for three days and it is attended by prof.Dr. Amr Adely, the universities presidents and their vice presidents, many higher education leaders, the representatives of the American embassy in Cairo. This event was held on the occasion of the celebrating the 70th anniversary of establishing Fulbright commission for scholarship in Egypt.

The international relationship office holds an introductory forum of 2019 plan of the Chinese scholarship council that are presented by five Chinese universities on Monday, 3-12-2018 in bank Misr hall at 11 a.m.

The sector of community service and environment development organizes, under the auspices of Prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby, the acting university president and with the participation of the university’s faculties, many convoys to be sent to the needy villages in Qulubia governorate.

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