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The Faculty Library:-

It is scientific, cultural, educational and social institution that aims to collect and develop information sources by various ways (Purchase, gifting, exchange and deposit). The Library indexes books and provides them to the beneficiaries (readers – researchers) throughout a group of traditional services.

Mission of the Library

The mission of the Library is part and parcel of the University mission which represents in higher scientific qualification as well as educational and cultural preparation in addition to qualifying patriotic and qualified cadres, so that the library is the place of providing scientific services.

Goals of the Library

The Library aims to:

1-      Provide sources of human knowledge for serving the various scientific disciplines at the University.

2-      Develop the library systems coping with recent developments in the field of libraries and information systems.

3-      Provide information and library services for facilitating research and restoration ways.

4-      Exchange the University prints with other universities and scientific institutions.

5-      Prepare introduction programs about its services to students and faculty members.

6-      Provide services for beneficiaries.

7-      Provide suitable environment inside for studying and researching.

Summary of Goals

The Library seeks to provide information for all readers and researchers as soon as possible. The Library enters the university library category to provide library and information services according to the University goals to:

1-      Encourage the scientific research.

2-      Encourage the scientific publishing.

3-      Contribute in intellectual building of community.

4-      Protect the human heritage and thought.

Educate and prepare specialized human cadres