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Dr.Gamal Soussa, Benha University President inspected during his tours today faculties of Education and Specific Education. Benha University President was accompanied by Dr.Eman Abd El Haq , the Faculty of Education dean and Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim , the Faculty of Specific Education dean .
During his tour, Dr. Gamal Soussa confirmed that Benha University has completed all the necessary preparations of the new academic year. He also confirmed on taking all precautionary measures and wearing masks, as well as following-up sterilization and disinfection work and observing social distancing measures among students. He also met students and congratulated them of the new academic year and encourages them to do their best at their study and participate at student activities and initiatives.

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Prof. Tamer Samir, Benha University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs andProf. Gamal Soussa, the Supervisor on Community Service Sector inspected during his tour today the second semester exams at Faculties of Education and Physical Education. During his tour, Dr. Tamer Samir was accompanied by Dr. Osama Salah, the Faculty of Physical Education dean and Dr. Eman Abd El Haq , the Faculty of Education dean .
. Dr. Tamer Samir inspected the implemented precautionary measures at the Faculty to protect students and employees during exams process such as checking students' temperature, keeping suitable spaces among students and wearing masks and he also assured on implementing all of the other precautionary measures to counter the spread of Corona virus. He also said that Benha University is keen on providing a safe environment and a suitable psychological atmosphere for students during exams, especially in light of the current circumstances and facing the Corona pandemic.

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