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The faculty of medicine in Benha University announces its need to fill in (15) job vacancies as an assistant lecturer in the Anesthesia department. The applications should be submitted in the name of the faculty of medicine's dean with 15 days of the announcement and it is ended in 7/8/2022. It is noteworthy that the employees should have their workplace consent and the application that will be sent either before or after the deadline shall not be paid any attention.

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Prof. Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, the acting president of Benha University confirmed during his visit to Faculty of Medicine that he supports the Faculty to get the accreditation and encouraged the Faculty to apply for The National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation to renew the accreditation. He also congratulated Dr.Mohamed Gamal El Ashab for appointing him as the Faculty of Medicine dean and hoped for him best wishes and great success.

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Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, issued ministerial decrees to appoint Dr. Mohamed Gamal El Ashab as Faculty of Medicine dean. On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Nasser El Gizawy, the acting president of Benha University congratulated Dr. Mohamed Gamal El Ashab for that new position and hoped for him great success. He also thanked Dr. Mustafa El Qady, the former dean for his great efforts during his deanship and hoped for him best wishes.

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