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Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the university president assures that the University is keen to provide a high quality services to the expatriate students with regard to the nutrition, the housing and the medical and social care. This comes in accordance with the sudden visit conducted by the university president to the University hostels at Kafr Saad and he accompanied by prof.Dr. Awaad Allah Soliman, the head of the University hostels.

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Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa, Benha University President has inspected University hostels at Kafr Saad.
The Sudden visit to the University Hostels at Kafr Saad was to be sure from standard of submitted services for students and to confirm on applying all precautionary measures for the safety of both students and workers as well. On the other hand, Dr.Gamal Sosa met a number of students inside the hostels to listen to their demands and he mentioned that Benha University is keen on providing a distinguished service of high quality especially residence , nutrition, housing, medical and social care.

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Prof. Gamal Soussa, the Supervisor on Community Service Sector inspected Benha University hostels at Kafr Saad to be sure from standard of submitted services for students, so he checked out the hostel's restaurants and food stores.
During his tour, Prof. Gamal Soussa was accompanied by Dr. Awad Allah Soliman, the general manager of Benha University hostel and they inspected the implemented precautionary measures to protect students and employees and to counter the spread of Corona virus

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