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Within the framework of joint cooperation between Benha University and the Egyptian Society for Science and Engineering, The Community Service Sector at Benha University announces about hosting a Hackathon that entitled “NASA Space Apps Benha “.
The Hackathon is going to be held in the period from 1-2 October, 2022. In that Hackathon the contestants compete to solve the challenges presented From NASA, within 48 hours by using the resources that NASA and its partners provide to contestants.
For more details about the Hackathon, you can check the following links;

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The general administration of the university's hostels announces the beginning of taking and submitting the residences applications in the university's hostels from 1/8/2022 to 31/8/2022 for the senior students. As for the freshmen and junior students, the application period lasts for 10 days from the announcement date of admission's phase. The fees are paid via the following website:

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The general administration of the University hostels announces that the applications of the    University's hostels residence are being filled in (Benha- Toukh- Moshtohor- Shubra) for the students in the academic year of 2022-2023 from 1-8-2022 to 31-8-2022

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