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mona samir

mona samir

Prof. Dr. Gamal Sosa, Benha University President has inspected the University hostel at Shoubra to check the provided service for students and he was accompanied by Dr. Sayed Abd El Wanis, the general Supervisor of University hostels at Benha University and Dr. Awad Allah Soliman, the general manager of University Hostels at Benha University. During his tour, Benha University President has checked the level of services provided to students, as well as inspecting kitchens, restaurants, food stores, following up on the internet service and the extent of students' satisfaction with these services. On the other hand, Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa met during his tour with a number of male and female students inside the hostel and listened to their demands and asked them about their satisfaction of provided services by the University hostels. At the end of his tour, Dr. Gamal Sosa confirmed that Benha University is keen to provide a distinguished service of high quality to international students residing at the University hostels, whether in nutrition, housing, medical and social care.

Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa, Benha University President; the head of Leaders Selection Committee announced that final list of candidates for faculty of Education deanship as following; Prof.Dr.Magdy Mohamed Ahmed El Shahat Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Ashoor Prof.Dr.Fatma Mohamed Abd El Wahab Benha University President announced that appeals application has been closed on Sunday, 6-3-2022. With our best wishes for all candidates.

Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa, Benha University President inspected Benha University hospitals to check the medical service and development work at various departments. During the tour, Benha University president was accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Shaker, the general director of the hospital. Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa and his companions have visited the united operations department, which consists of seven advanced surgical capsules, to contribute in performing waiting list surgeries, and to provide surgical safety for patients. He also inspected the project of developing the residential building to include 44 rooms for economic treatment, expanding child care , expanding nurseries, renovating and expanding cardiac care and chest care. On his part, Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa said that Benha University Administration is keen to support its University Hospitals as it is part of its societal role and to provide a decent medical service to our people from Qalyubia governorate and the neighboring governorates. During his tour, Dr. Gamal Sosa praised the regularity of work, applying the precautionary measures inside the University Hospital so he thanked the medical and nursing staff and those who provide health care at Benha University Hospitals in carrying out their duty towards patients.

Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa, Benha University President and Ambassador Alaa Hegazy, the Assistant of Foreign Affairs Minister for the Diplomatic, Consular and Inspection Corps have signed a cooperation protocol between Benha University and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in presence of the Ambassador Sameh Shoukry , Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is worth mentioning that the protocol aims to strengthen bonds of cooperation between Benha University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the fields of information technology and digital transformation. Prof. Dr.Gamal Sosa expressed his happiness after signing this protocol, which was initiated by Benha University, as an affirmation of its keenness to achieve the objectives of Egypt's Vision 2030 to have an economy based on innovation and knowledge. He also added that this initiative reflects the full understanding and awareness of both institutions about importance of the latest developments of information technology and their ability to use them optimally to meet their needs. On the other hand, the signed protocol was attended by Dr. Islam El-Shaarawy, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Benha University, and Dr. Shady Yahia El-Mashad , the Deputy of Chief Information Officer at Benha University.

Leadership Selection Committee at Benha University held its meeting to interview candidatures who applied for Faculty of Education deanship. The meeting was headed by Prof. Dr. Gamal Sosa, Benha University President and membership of the following members Dr. Shaban Taha, the former Vice president for Education and Students Affairs, Dr.Abu El Soaud Mohamed, the former dean for Faculty of Education and Dr. Mohbat Mahmoud Hafez, the former dean for Faculty of Gils at Ain Shams University. The Committee listened to their opinions, plans, vision and the ability to make decisions and solve problems. For his part, Prof.Gamal Sosa confirmed that the selection of leaders is done according to their efficiency, previous performance and Experience.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has issued ministerial decisions for appointing general directors at Benha University.
Dr.Gamal Sosa mentioned that the ministerial decisions included appointing Mrs. Rania Moataz Essa as Assistant Secretary of the University for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs and Mohamed Mahmoud Fahmy has been appointed as Director General of Libraries at Benha University.

Prof. Dr.Gamal Sosa, Benha University President inspected Benha University hostels at Moshtohor to be sure from standard of submitted services for students, so he checked out the hostel= 's restaurants and food stores.
During his tour, Prof. Gamal Sosa was accompanied by Dr. Sayed Abd El Wanis, the general Supervisor of Benha University hostels, Dr. Awad Allah Soliman, the general manager of Benha University Hostels= '. For his part, Dr. Gamal Sosa stressed that Benha University housing sector is keen to work on the comfort of students, by providing a distinguished service of high quality to expatriate students residing in university cities, whether in food, housing, medical and social care

Benha University is pleased to announce that ElSewedy Digital is now a sponsor of the Smart Cities Hackathon and is giving away £100k EGP of cash prizes for the winners (in addition to the £100k EGP from Benha University) distributed as follows:


Cash Prizes

1st winning team

£40k EGP

2nd winning team

£20k EGP

3rd winning team

£10k EGP

The Optimalist [Best use of Optimization Algorithms]

£5k EGP

The Pathfinder [Best use of Geospatial Technologies]

£5k EGP

The Forecaster [Best use of Predictive Analytics]

£5k EGP

The Powersaver [Best use of Battery-Operated Elements]

£5k EGP

The Economist [Best use of Financial Resources]

£5k EGP

The Greenest [Best use of Renewable Resources]

£5k EGP

ElSewedy Digital, a subsidiary of ElSewedy Electric, ElSewedy Digital offers end-to-end solutions to customers through an array of companies and business units with a proven track record in delivering turnkey projects in a multitude of sectors including oil & gas, telecom, government, utility, financial institutions, and enterprises. We offer fully integrated solutions that enable digital transformation and ensure optimized business performance.
ElSewedy Digital portfolio encompasses a wide range of integrated solutions that include: telecom infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, Data centers, IOT and smart solutions, light current systems, government and enterprise software development, industrial and utility automation.

The 40 student teams which represent 25 public and private universities continue their participation in activities of the "Smart Cities Hackathon", which is held at Benha University.
Students are working on implementing prototypes of their innovative solutions for the ten tracks identified within the Hackathon events which includes; Smart buildings, smart facilities, smart parks, smart transportation-traffics, smart hospitals, smart recycling, smart monitoring, smart energy, smart management, smart schools and universities. It is noteworthy that the Hackathon activities are going to be held in cooperation between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Amazon Web Services and under the auspices of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the period from 2432022 to 2632022. It is worth mentioning that the winning teams in the Hackathon are going to receive financial prizes totaling 100,000 Egyptian pounds that provided by Benha University. In addition to getting valuable prizes provided by Amazon Web Services, the winners will also have a great opportunity to market their innovations to the new Egyptian private universities.

FULBRIGHT Commission announces about starting apply for its scholarships 2023-2024 for Egyptian at all specialties. For more details about conditions, please check the following link;