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mona samir

mona samir

Alexandria library is honored to invite all to attend "The Egyptian space day" in cooperation with the EGSA, the faculty of engineering/ Shubra in Benha University and ESRI North Africa on Thursday that corresponds to  18-8-2022 at 11 a.m.

The general / Abdel Hamid EL-Hagan, the governor of Qualubia and prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the university president attends the University's ceremony of the great June revolution. The general /Bahgat Mohamed Farid delivers the speech in this ceremony that was held in Benha University. It was held in the presence of  prof.Dr. Tamer Smair, prof.Dr.  Mahmoud Eraqi, prof.Dr. Samir Hamad, the faculties' deans and deputies, the military consultant of Qualubia governorate, Mrs. Shreen Shawky, prof.Dr. Khalid Esawi, prof.Dr. Ahmed Naguib, prof.Dr. Hani Zakaria, the members of parliament, the assistant secretaries and the university's studetns.

The non-governmental Benha University (under construction) announces its need to hire faculties' members (professor- assistant professor- lecturer) and teaching staff (assistant lecturer- demonstrator) for the following faculties:

  • The faculty of medicine
  • The faculty of optical arts and design
  • The program of inner design and furniture
  • The program of media and advertisement
  • The program of sculpture, civil engineering and reformation
  • The faculty of economics and business administration
  • The program of business administration and international relationships
  • The program of digital marketing and electronic works
  • The program of economics and international finance

The program of accounting and business informatics

Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the University president asserts that the Egyptian state spares no effort to establish the non-governmental Universities in order to provide high quality educational services in addition to having a distinguished graduate who is able to meet the demands of the workplace in a way that go in accordance with the Egypt's vision 2030 of sustainable development.  This is done in the presence of  Prof.Dr. Tamer Samir, the vice president of educational and students affairs, prof.Dr. Soliman Mustafa, the former vice president of educational and students affairs, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Eraqi, the supervisor of the community development sector, Mrs. Shreeen Shawky, the university  secretary-general, the deans of various faculties and the members of the different committees.

Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the university president hosts Prof.Dr. Anesthesia Mina, the vice president of Saint Petersburg University in order to discuss the bilateral cooperation between the two sides in the fields of education, scientific research, students exchange and the faculties' members' scholarships. This is done in the presence of Prof.Dr. Nasser EL-Gizaway, the vice president of post-graduate studies and scientific research, prof.Dr. Tamer Samir, the vice president of educational and students affairs, prof.Dr. Ayman EL-Shehaby, the dean of the faculty of engineering/ Shubra, prof.Dr. Abdel Momean Shams EL-Kornfoly, the dean of the faculty of applied arts and prof.Dr. Mahran el-Nagar, the head of international relationships office in Benha University.

Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the university president has attended the initial ceremony of launching the activities at the talented care center in Benha University. This is done in the presence of prof.Dr. Tamer Samir, the vice president of the educational and students affairs, Prof.Dr. Mona Nasser, the head of the talented center, the heads of the center's units, Prof.Dr. Ahmed Naguib, the head of leadership development, for the sake of Egypt coordinator, a number of the faculties' members and the talented students in the University.

Prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the University president announces that Shanghai ranking has issued its new ranking in 2022 and Benha University was ranked as one of the best Universities in the field of the veterinary medicine for the fourth time. It was ranked, for the first time, in the field of geometrical sciences, particularly the energy engineering and the agricultural sciences. The university president asserts that the progress the University achieves in the international ranking comes in accordance with the university's policy to enhance its scientific products and hone the abilities of the young researchers.

The faculty of medicine in Benha University announces its need to fill in (15) job vacancies as an assistant lecturer in the Anesthesia department. The applications should be submitted in the name of the faculty of medicine's dean with 15 days of the announcement and it is ended in 7/8/2022. It is noteworthy that the employees should have their workplace consent and the application that will be sent either before or after the deadline shall not be paid any attention.

In accordance with the university president's endeavor to support the entrepreneurship initiatives to boost the sector of small and medium sized enterprises  as they are considered one of the main pillars of the achievement of sustainable development as per the strategy 2030 to reinforce the young projects, Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Eraqi, the supervisor of the environment service sector and Prof.Dr. Hanaa Garis, the chairman of the board of enroot company sign a cooperation agreement in the presence of prof.Dr. Hany EL-Salamony, the member of the board, Ms. Rania Motaaz, the assistant-secretary of the community service and environment development, Ms. Rana EL-Tanbadaway, the project manager in Enroot Company, Mr. Ahmed Amin, the projects manager in Enroot Company and Mr. Abdel Rahaman Khalid, the project manager in the Company.